Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Wednesday 1st December - Tuesday 7th December

In this time I have carried out interviews with fans of the band I am writing my biographical double page spread article on (Disturbed) and added the results to the article, therefore completing it. I have then added the text from the article onto Quark Xpress.

I also finished the video I was producing on Windows Movie Maker, showing all the pictures I have taken for my front cover image, fully annotated (to be uploaded to this blog shortly).

Moroever, in this time I have started to make my front cover on Adobe Photoshop, so far editing the saturation and contrast of the main image and adding the title onto the page, adding the photoshop filter 'fresco' and the effect drop shadow onto it.

In addition I have also started creating my contents page on Quark Xpress, so far having added the text on it.

Front cover - just picture, no title

Front cover image with added title

 Double page spread article
Contents page

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