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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Wednesday 8th December - Thursday 9th December

I have been gradually adding the coverlines to my front cover:

Wednesday's work

Thursday's work - I have added the rest of the coverlines, the barcode, the issue date and the price.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Double Page Spread Article

Double Page Spread Article

Inside the Asylum... The Story of Disturbed

Just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere for the last 10 years, Disturbed are the mind – blowing four piece heavy metal band, originating from Illinois, Chicago, USA. They have amazed the rock/metal scene since the creation of their debut album in the year 2000 – generating an amazing fan base, and becoming one of the most famous metal bands of recent years.
Now, on the release of their new album ‘Asylum’ we at Scream look back on Disturbed and their amazing career so far.
It all started in the October of 1995, when the band, who were originally called ‘Brawl’, hired David Draiman – now Disturbed’s legendary lead singer. During their earlier years with Draiman, the band changed their name to Disturbed – the name we all know and love.
Their renowned debut album ‘The Sickness’ was soon released - this amazing piece of musical art literally launched them at rocket speed into stardom, and even now is still widely considered as one of their best albums to date.
Their sequel album ‘Believe’ gained the already infamous band even more recognition as it made it to the American Billboard 200’s number one slot, as did their third and fourth album ‘Ten Thousand Fists’ (which made platinum record status) and ‘Indestructible’ – making the band one of only six rock bands to have 3 consecutive albums at number 1.
To add even more success to the story, ‘Inside the Fire’ the notorious hit track from their 2008 album ‘Indestructible’, gained the band their first Grammy nomination for Best Metal Act (2009) – an amazing accomplishment in their career.
Now, in 2010, we have seen the release of their fantastic new album ‘Asylum’ which is already a huge hit in the metal scene and has been described as being an ‘evolution’ in Disturbed’s music style, but only time will tell if it lives up to their last 3 masterpiece, number one albums.

That’s the story of the band, but what do their fans think of them? Which is their most successful album in their opinion? And what is it like to see these amazing legends live? All was revealed when I interviewed 6 fans of Disturbed, Katie, 22, Ross, 22, James, 21, Matt 22 and Helen, 21.

Me: So guys, tell me what it is about Disturbed’s music that you like so much?

Katie: I think it’s the sound of his voice, I find it really interesting!

Ross: ever since the start back in 2000 with their debut album the sickness I’ve loved the energy in their songs and they have a nice balance between easily accessible songs with anger and venom in them at the same time so there easy to listen to but u still get the adrenaline rush from the anger in them without having to be in certain mood.
James: I could answer every question with "They're awesome!" but I won't. 
 It's good metal music without sacrificing vocals to unintelligible shouting. 

Matt: In the beginning it was the wrongness of it and the slightly sick and twisted lyrical content. But nowadays it’s more of a nostalgic thing. I was way more into their older albums and songs than I am their newer work.

Fiona:  its upbeat, really good vocals that you can make out and awesome for the gym

Helen: Because it’s loud, shouty and good to mosh out to

Me: some interesting opinions there, have any of you ever been to a Disturbed gig? If so tell me about it.

James: David Draiman makes the whole thing worthwhile, mainly because he is slightly insane and insists on starting every gig being wheeled out in a straight jacket for no good reason but also because he's a great front man. He pumps up the crowd well but doesn't waste too much time doing it instead making a nice balance between chatting and actually playing songs. 
Katie: ooh, I haven't been to a Disturbed gig yet! (hopefully will soon though!!) I'd imagine that it would be rather violent - with lots of large over excited long haired men leaping around and headbanging!
Ross: I’ve never been to a disturbed gig but that will change in 8 days time :) and I’m expecting a mass of energy, pyrotechnics and showmanship.

Helen: Yes I've been to one of their gigs in Manchester, was awesome! They play a really good live show and the type of people that attended didn't ruin the experience (not to be too rude =P, but some gigs there are idiots bouncing all over the shop and then you end up losing a shoe!)
Matt: Never been to one. But I would expect it to be awesome, and my neck to be killing the morning after.

Me: Aah James & Helen, it sounds amazing, I can’t wait to see them for myself in December! So, what is your favourite Disturbed song and why?

Katie: My favourite song is 'Prayer' - I think because of the variations in the styles of vocals, and the lyrics.

Helen: There's a few I really like, Liberate is good, guess because it's got an awesome beat and the lyrics are good.

Ross: don't know there so many to chose but off the top of my head I will go for Divide off the album indestructible because it’s one of their heaviest with a kick ass riff lots of energy and anger mangled up in 3 and a half mins which catches the essence of disturbed in 1 song.

James: Either Down with the Sickness as it's the first song I ever heard. Or Ten Thousand Fists because it just makes you want to rock out
Matt:  I think Shout 2000 is bloody amazing, being a Tears for Fears fan too. But Down with the Sickness is a close second; it's a classic and gets everyone moshing.

Me: Awesome, so how would you describe Disturbed?

Helen:  Defined hard rock/metal, never really heard another band like them - if this makes sense!

Katie: "Metal-y" and 'Good!' (probably not very useful but I'm not very good at describing music!) fun to dance to!!
Ross: I would describe them as a good old fashioned heavy metal/ hard rock band but could also be used as a great transitional band if you were looking at getting into the really heavy music they would be a good place to start.

James: Just plain awesome?

Matt: Nu-metal, or perhaps just heavy metal or hard rock these days. Dark, alternative metal, melodic...awesome!

Me: [Laughs] Brilliant! And for my final question, what is your favourite Disturbed album and why?

Katie: I don’t really have a favourite album, Disturbed are one of those bands, even though I really like them, I've never really sat down and listened to a whole album! Just random songs in playlists and heard them when out!

Ross: This is simple it would have to be Asylum for me arguably maybe not their best but it’s an album and mental and emotional illness that I can really relate to and put on when I need some inner strength.

James: Ten Thousand Fists; partly because my favourite song is on it, and partly because it has a good mix of heavy songs, more "pop-y" (Land of Confusion/Sons of Plunder) stuff and also slower ballardy type songs.

Helen: Ten Thousand Fists, because this has the best collection of songs.

Matt: The Sickness. Because it's the first album of theirs I ever listened to at a time when metal was becoming my favourite genre of music.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Photos Taken for Front Cover Image

Firstly, I took these photos - however, I will not be using any of them as the location, lighting and quality is not good:

Therefore, I conducted another photoshoot with a different model at the location I originally planned to do them at, which are shown and annotated in the video below:

Wednesday 1st December - Tuesday 7th December

In this time I have carried out interviews with fans of the band I am writing my biographical double page spread article on (Disturbed) and added the results to the article, therefore completing it. I have then added the text from the article onto Quark Xpress.

I also finished the video I was producing on Windows Movie Maker, showing all the pictures I have taken for my front cover image, fully annotated (to be uploaded to this blog shortly).

Moroever, in this time I have started to make my front cover on Adobe Photoshop, so far editing the saturation and contrast of the main image and adding the title onto the page, adding the photoshop filter 'fresco' and the effect drop shadow onto it.

In addition I have also started creating my contents page on Quark Xpress, so far having added the text on it.

Front cover - just picture, no title

Front cover image with added title

 Double page spread article
Contents page

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tuesday 30th November

Today I have been researching the band I have been writing my biographical article on in more depth, and also carrying on with the writing of my article.
I have also made a Windows Movie Maker project containing all the pictures I have taken for the front cover of my magazine, for now it is only the pictures with an introductory title at the beginning of the video - I plan to add to this video explanations of why I'm not using most of the pictures, and why I am using the image which will become my front cover image.
I also conducted some interviews for my article with the fans of Disturbed.

Screen shot of my video in progress on Windows Movie Maker:

Thursday 25th November - Monday 29th November

On Thursday and Friday I started writing my double page spead article in Microsoft Word on the band Disturbed, I carried on with this on Monday. I also took my photos for my front cover image at the weekend.

Screenshot of my article being written:

Monday, 22 November 2010

Article Research

Websites used to help me research for my article: 

* Official band website:

Other resorces:

Metal Hammer Magazine - October 2010 issue - Article = The Story Behind Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Questions for the fans of Disturbed:

1. What is it about Disturbed's music which attracts you so much?
2. Tell me about the experience of a Disturbed gig, or if you have  never been to one, tell me what you expect it to be like?
3. What is your favorite Disturbed song and why?
4. How would you describe Disturbed?
5. What is your favorite Disturbed album and why?

Friday, 12 November 2010

Rough Layout of DPS

The title goes across the entire first page, following conventions of DPS articles, the picture bleeds through the page, which helps to connect the pages, so that the audience can see that it is the same article.

The image is interesting and relates to the band - suggesting their certain attitude and also relating to their trademark (the guy).

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Planning Production

Front cover image:

IDEA 1 = ‘band’ Successful Failure (actually a made up band, I will be using a model for my front cover image, pretending to be a guitarist) idea 1 is very music based, set in a studio-looking environment, the girl will be dressed Gothic but with a twist of classic ‘rocker look’, she will be posing with her electric guitar and amp looking into the camera theatrically.

IDEA 2 = more’ image’ based.  This time the girl will be in a forest-like setting, posing in a clearing surrounded by trees. She will be dressed the same as in idea 1, however this time she will be pretending to be the lead singer and not the guitarist, so no guitar props will be used.  I thought it may be interesting to use a skull prop that she can hold, to make her look theatrical and Gothic, and add more interest to the photograph.

IDEA 3 = The girl will be in the church yard of St. Giles church in Wrexham, which is a Gothic church, therefore conforming with the Gothic theme, or St. Hilary's church, Wallasey - she will be standing in the church yard which is surrounded in trees and scattered with graves, holding the skull prop by her chest. However, I will be trying various other poses, such as holding the skull in one hand next to her head, and also various other locations in the church yard such as by the church. She will be dressed in the same way as in idea 1 and 2. Again the picture will be theatrical and more 'image' based.

IDEA 4= The girl will be in a room, sitting on the floor on aged looking floorboards, with candles all around her looking into the camera theatrically, I will also create a background behind her such as drawings and draped material. I will try various other poses however to see if they work better. She will be dressed in the same way as in idea 1, 2 & 3. Again the picture will be theatrical and more 'image' based.

I have decided I will try out idea 2 and 3.
Cover lines for the front cover:

(Main cover line) – ‘Successful Failure – Trouble, parties and success', ‘Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare 2010 Tour’, ‘Disturbed - Inside the Asylum', ‘Bullet for my Valentine – On tour and all in a Fever', 'Metallica - what we do nowadays', 'Sonata Arctica - power metal's best act'.
Text for contents page:


18 SUCCESSFUL FAILURE Trouble, parties and success
24 CRADLE OF FILTH "We know we're a bit strange - and we love it!"
28 AVENGED SEVENFOLD on the Nightmare 2010 Tour
30 ARCAYE Metal's hottest new band?
34 DISTURBED Inside the Asylum
38 ROCKSTAR TASTE OF CHAOS What to expect from this year's tour
42 21 BANDS to see before you die
46 BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE on the Fever 2010 Tour
48 THERION "Music is the most important thing in our lives"
52 ANTHRAX "We're having the time of our lives!"
56 SONATA ARCTICA Power metal's best act
60 WITHIN TEMPTATION The exclusive interview
64 STRUM the best guitars on the block
66 METALLICA what we do nowadays


4 YOUR SCREAM  Letters from you to us
7 THE TOP 10 the best songs this month
10 BLOODY BRILLIANT Our top band this month
14 FANTASTIC FINDS  5 new bands you need to listen to
20 GIGS MONTHLY Reviews of this months top gigs
72 THE GUIDELINES a full guide of next years UK metal fests
74 PLACE TO BE The best gig tickets to buy this month
78 ROCKIN' OR SHOCKING? A review of this months new album releases
82 CLASSIC 5 legendary songs you have to listen to
84 ON TOUR Top tour dates
88 MERCH Best places to buy
90 LIVING THE NIGHTLIFE a guide to metal clubs, this month in Manchester
92 MY STORY stories from our readers of meeting bands and much more
96 DOWNLOADING 76% 10 songs we think are worth the download

Images needed for contents page:

Picture of guitars to go with the 'STRUM' coverline, picture of a Metallica song playing on my iPhone, another picture of Successful Failure.
Article I am going to write:

Biographical article on Disturbed - Inside the Asylum
Pictures needed: Picture from their concert and/or a picture conveying one of their albums (The Sickness, Believe, Ten Thousand Fists, Indestructible & Asylum). Maybe a person in a Disturbed t-shirt and Halloween mask (suggesting craziness, but in a fun way).


 Front cover

 Contents page

Monday, 8 November 2010

Publication Plan

Positioning Statement: Music is life  

Frequency of Publication: Monthly
Price: £3.20
Distribution: Newsagents, Supermarkets, Gigs, music stores such as HMV, maybe alternative clothing stores.
Rationale: the approach of this magazine is from a metal/rock fans perspective.The magazine will offer interviews with bands when events that the audience and fans of the band may be interested in (such as tours) are taking place, and also when events have happened to the band which effect their music career, such as the release of a new album. Moreover, the magazine will offer reviews on things such as new albums and tours, in order to help the audience decide whether they want to buy these albums or attend these gigs, and also to advertise the music genre and the bands in question.  Furthermore the magazine will offer the audience posters and special offers sometimes such as free CDs or clothing items.

Style: Informal language, humorous and upbeat, slightly conversational, easy to read. May use slang relevant to music genre and general community life. This will appeal to a wide range of audience, as my target audience is not age specific and based on the music taste of an individual. Moreover, stereotypically, people who are fans of the type of music my magazine features find the traits I have mentioned above appealing.
Regular Content :
  • Top 10 New Songs
  • Bloody Brilliant – Our best band this month
  • Gigs Monthly – Reviews of this month’s gigs
  • Place to be – our list of the best gigs to be at (for gigs whose ticket sales open this month)
  • Fantastic Finds – 5 new bands you need to listen to
  • Rockin’ or Shockin’? – New albums  review
  • Tour Dates
  • Your Scream - Letters from our readers
  • Merch - List of the best places to buy band merchandise
  • Classic - 5 legendary songs you need to listen to
Feature Content:
 ‘Successful Failure – Gothic metals new gods’
 ‘Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare 2010 Tour’
 ‘Arcaye – Metal’s hottest new band’
 ‘Disturbed – Inside the Asylum’
 ‘Rockstar Taste of Chaos – what to expect from this year’s tour’
‘21 bands to see before you die’
 ‘Bullet for my Valentine – Fever 2010 Tour’
‘Papa Roach – “Music is our lives”’
‘Linkin’ Park – “We’re still having the time of our lives”’
‘Sonata Arctica – Power metal’s best act’
‘Lacuna Coil – “We live for the party life”’
‘Strum – The best guitars on the block’
‘Living the Nightlife: Manchester – the best rock/metal clubs in Manchester’
‘Metallica – What we do nowadays’

'Cradle of Filth - "We know we're a bit strange - and we love it!"'

House Style

Coverlines: Arial Black and Arial
Headlines:  Franklin Gothic Demi
Standfirst: Franklin Gothic Medium 14pt. Byline to be included in the standfirst.
Captions: Franklin Gothic Medium 8pt.
Features first paragraph: drop capital (at the beggining of the double page spread article) Franklin Gothic Medium, 5 lines deep, first word in capitals.
Body text (for the double page spread article): Calibri 11pt
Colour Scheme: black, white, deep purple. Maybe a very  small amount of blue.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Conclusions from my Findings

After carrying out my research on members of my target audience, I have found that there are three bands which are most popular to them. These bands are Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed and Paramore. Therefore, these bands will feature on the front cover of my magazine. Guns N’ Roses also was a prominent band, therefore they may also feature on the front cover.  There were many other bands mentioned, which will most likely be featured on my contents page.

I also found out which words reminded my target audience of the music genre I have chosen to use. The most popular three words were black, loud and guitar. These words may help me decide on a suitable title for my magazine, and could possibly also help with the design of the magazine.

Moreover, I asked what my target audience’s favourite color was, which will help me decide on the colors I should use in my magazine. The most popular colour was purple, therefore I think it is wise to use this color as the main colour for my magazine (along with black and white), maybe with hints of blue and red, as these too were prominent colors.

I discovered that my target audience were more willing to buy a music magazine monthly rather than weekly, therefore this will be the frequency of publication for my magazine.

Furthermore I found that interviews were the features that most attracted my target audience to rock/metal music magazines, therefore I will include quite a few interviews the contents of my magazine. I also found that posters and information on new bands were important to my audience, therefore these will defiantly be featured in my magazine.

I found that the thing people liked least about music magazines were the adverts, however this can not be helped as the adverts are the part of the magazine which pays for a lot of the costs of the magazine, therefore if these adverts were taken away, the magazine would receive less money. 

Additionally I found that audience feedback was neither particularly important, nor particularly unimportant, therefore I must use my own judgement to decide whether to add this feature to my magazine. 

I also found that the majority of people were more interested in the magazine if there was a special offer inside it, therefore I think it is relevant to advertise something such as a free CD etc in a puff on the front cover of my magazine. 

Moreover the majority of people found it interesting to read about new bands or singers, therefore it is important that I include this information in my magazine, most likely via interview.

In addition, all the people questioned found reviews of new albums important and therefore it is essential that include this information in my magazine.

Again, I found that all people questioned found it important to have varied and interesting pictures in music magazines, therefore I should make sure that all photographs used on my magazine front cover, contents page and double page spread fit the requirements of the target audience.

Finally I found that the majority of those questioned would find it useful to have reviews of other media products, such as films, in their music magazines, therefore I should have some reviews of films, TV programmes featured in my music magazine. 

Results: Question's 8-12

Question 8 - Would you be more interested in the magazine if there are special offers inside it?:

Yes = 17
No = 3

Question 9 - Are you interested in reading about new bands/singers? :

Yes = 16
No = 4

Question 10 - Would it be useful for you to have reviews of new albums in the magazine?:

Yes = 20
No = 0

Question 11 - Are interesting and varied pictures important to you in a magazine?:

Yes = 20
No = 0

Question 12 - Would it be useful for you to have reviews of other media in the magazine? (Film, TV):

Yes = 11
No = 9

Question's 1-7 Results

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


I created this questionnaire on Microsoft Word, in order to conduct research into my target audience, helping me to gain insight into what they really want out of a rock/metal music magazine. On my questionnaire, I asked 12 questions, which will all help me decide what content, name & price to have for my music magazine.
The questions featured are as follows: 1) Who is your favourite band? 2) What are three words you associate with rock/metal music? 3) What is your favourite colour? 4)How often are you willing to buy a music magazine? 5) What do you like about magazines of the rock/metal genre that you have read? 6) What do you dislike about magazines of the rock/metal genre? 7) How important, on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being very and 1 being useless, is audience feedback (i.e. letters) in a magazine? 8) Would you be more interested in the magazine if there are special offers inside it? 9) Are you interested in reading about new bands/singers?10) Would it be useful for you to have reviews of new albums in the magazine? 11) Are interesting and varied pictures important to you in a magazine? 12) Would it be useful for you to have reviews of other media in the magazine? (Film, TV)           

Audio answers - these are two of my audio recorded answers to the questionnaire

Monday, 18 October 2010

Analysis of Double Page Spread Articles

* There is a simple colour scheme of black, white and red. There is also a little yellow although not a lot.
* There is one picture which takes up the whole double page (with all the text on the picture) and bleeds between pages, which is used to link the two pages together.
* A quote is used just before the article continues on the second page, this helps to break up the text.
* There is a standfirst which introduces the article and is positioned under the start of the headline.
* A drop capital is used at the start of the article, in order to show the reader where to start reading. Techniques which are used in other magazines include bold text for the first word of the article, slightly bigger typeface or capitals for the first few letters.
* The headline uses a stylized font, and is used to draw the reader in, however, not telling them what the article is about, which is actually the job of the standfirst.
* There is no by-line on this article, however there usually is one on double page spread articles, stating who wrote the article and photographer's credit.
* There is a strapline in the top left corner telling the reader the subject matter of the article. In this case the strapline suggests that this article is news about an up-and-coming band.
* The article is written informally, and the personality of the journalist shows through.

Analysis of Professional Contents Pages

Analysis of Professional Magazine Covers

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Initial Plans for my Magazine

Price: £3.50
Frequency of publication:  monthly
Issue Size: 100 pages
Regular content:  letters, reviews of new albums, new releases, gigs and tour dates, letters from readers.
Feature articles:  interviews, reviews of concerts, news

Monday, 11 October 2010

Researching the Market Place

Kerrang! is a rock music magazine published by Bauer Consumer Media in the United Kingdom. The magazine's name is onomatopoeic and refers to the sound made when playing a power chord on an electric guitar.
Publisher website:
Price: £2.20
Frequency of publication: weekly
Issue size (number of pages): 71
Regular content: eviews of albums,  new album releases, gigs and tour dates, reviews on film, radio and TV, letters from readers.
Feature articles (issue depicted):  Iron Maiden and Trivium for UK mega tour, sex, drugs, violence:  Avenged Sevenfold – the world’s most dangerous band (main coverline), Red Hot Chilli Peppers:  Anthony Keidis on the ‘intense’ new album, Lost Prophets: How to survive rock n roll! Headbangers! 25 metal anthems you must own.

Metal Hammer is a monthly heavy metal magazine published in the UK by Future Publishing, and in several other countries by different publishers. It features mainstream and more unusual bands from the wide spectrum of metal music. It is the largest selling metal music magazine in the UK currently outselling  Kerrang! And NME and is often viewed as the more underground magazine
Price: £4.25
Frequency of publication: Monthly
Issue size: 140 pages
Regular content: eviews of albums,  new album releases, gigs and tour dates, reviews on film, radio and TV, letters from readers.
Feature articles (depicted issue):  Out of the asylum! Disturbed, “Epic doesn’t begin to cover it!” The return of... Dimmu Borgir.

Initial Ideas

The type of music magazine I am going to produce is a rock/metal magazine. The target audience will be 16-25 year olds with an interest in rock/metal music.

Introduction - Main Task

For this I will create a front page, contents page, and double page spread article for a new and original music magazine. I will do this using Adobe Photoshop and Quark Xpress.
All images and text used will be original and produced by myself.


My school magazine uses many of the conventions of magazine front covers and contents pages, the title is one word and in the top centre of the page, however, it does not stick to the codes and conventions, as it is not a unique font .
Moreover, there is no positioning statement on my school magazine, which is usually used to convey how the magazine positions itself in the market place, therefore this is another way in which my school magazine challenges the conventions of real media products.
My magazine, however, does use the convention that the issue date and title must be near the title, moreover it is in 11pt size.
The main image, does associate with the main feature article, as has been made clear by the use of props and body language. Direct address is used with the main image, which is important for the front cover of magazines . However, it does not convey a certain attitude, or show something about the person pictured, but,  this may be to do with the genre of the magazine.
There is also a buzzword used on my front cover (EXCLUSIVE) which suggests that the reader cannot read this certain article in any other magazine, which is also a selling point.  However, this buzzword is not used for the main feature article, as is common on professional magazine front covers.
With the coverlines, the main coverline is the largest, as is usual in professional magazines, it also anchors the meaning of the main image.  They also consist of only one or two words, then with smaller writing (sublines) explaining a little bit more about the article.  This is also consistent across the design, and care has been taken to avoid the coverlines and sublines from covering any part of the main images face, as is correct in professional magazines.
On the contents page, there is 3 columns, 1 main picture and one other picture, relating to the coverlines . neither of these pictures are direct address , they also have page numbers on them showing the reference to an article. However the name of the magazine or its logo is not present with the word contents, which deviates from the codes and conventions of contents pages. 

I used Adobe Photoshop to create my front cover, and Quark Xpress to create my contents page. I used many different tools on these programmes, for example, colour filter, contrast and brightness adjustments, transform, effects such as 'drop shadow' and the crop tool on Photoshop. I imported pictures, added special effects to the title and imported text while using Quark Xpress. 

I think that I used all of the tools I used to create my front cover and contents page, in each programme, quite well, although I could have used some more advanced techniques to create a more effective and diverse piece of work. As a new media product, my piece does not quite fit to professional quality. There is much room for improvement, mainly in the area of following the codes and conventions for professional magazines, and the little use of special effects to make a more interesting and original product.

Final Front Cover and Contents Page

Changes from original design:
coverline ('SHOW TIME - get ready for our production of the Wizard of Oz!') to fill in some space on this front cover.

*  I didn't have time to create a document looking like an acceptance letter for the image, like I originally planned, therefore I added the text 'Accepted!' onto the folder instead, to connote that the acceptance letter is inside the folder.

*Originally I planned to take the photo outside the doors of the schools main entrance, however this was not possible, as people kept on needing to get in and out of the school, therefore I could not take an image of just my model there, and decided to take it by the walls of the school.

* I added the 'emboss' and 'drop shadow' effects to the title of my magazine, which was not originally planned.

* I opened a new file on photoshop, making sure an A4 letter was selected.
* I then opened my main image and dragged it onto the new file, then making it fit onto the A4 page without distortion.
* I then added my titile, using a text box, adding the effects 'emboss' and 'drop shadow' to it. I then made sure it was centred on the page.Next I coloured it so that it was the same colour as my models ID badge cord.
* I added the issue date and price, on the top right of the page, just above the titile in 10pt.
* I then wrote my coverlines and sublines, making sure the coverlines were the same colour as the titile. I also made sure that the coverlines and sublines framed the image, and did not go across any of the images face. Moreover, I made sure that the main coverline was the biggest, and that it anchored the image.
* Next I added the puff, using the shape tool, colouring it the same as the title, I added the text on top of it to advertise the competition.
* Finally, I added the bar code to the magazine, in the bottom right corner.

FINAL CONTENTS PAGE (Created with Quark Xpress)

Changes from original design:

* I only had two images on my contents page instead of the originally planned three, for two reasons; 1) They couldn't fit on the page with all the feature and regular content, 2) I could not get a picture of the school theatre at the time I took my pictures as it was in use.

* One extra feature article has been added, as with the front cover.

* I could not fit in the 'Help Page' and 'Funny Times' articles in the regular content, as there was no room for them.

* I added a 'drop shadow' effect to the title, which I did not originally plan to add.

* I cut my page into 3 columns instead of the original plan of 2.

* I did not add a 'subscribe' section on the bottom left of the page as originally planned, as there was no room for it.

* I did, however, add the 'Win a free memory stick' part, which related to the 'puff' on the front cover, also with a page reference so that readers can find the page on which the contest information is on.

Procedures -
* I opened a new project on Quark Xpress, and changed the number of columns from 1 to 3.
* I then added another page, along with the master page, to the project.
* Next, I wrote the title 'Contents' and made sure it spread across two columns.
* I then added my text, feature articles, and then regular content, by drawing a text box in columns 1 and 2.
* I changed the colour of my title and coverlines to the same purple as is on the front cover to connect the two.
* I added the drop shadow effect to the work 'Contents'.
* I then drew one picture box onto the 2nd and 3rd column, and a second onto just the 3rd column, then importing my two pictures into them, and making it so that the would fit in the boxes without distortion.
* I then added small texts boxes onto the bottom right hand corners of the pictures, and added a page reference number to them.
* I then added a final text box onto the bottom left of the page, in the third column to add a reference to the competition puff on the front cover.