Thursday, 3 March 2011

Audience Feedback

‘I love it - I really would want to have a copy’

‘I think the title, background and bottom panel is very good. I reckon the red and white writing stands out. ‘

‘I like all the colours and the awesome picture – I think they’re really eye-catching’

‘I really like the colour scheme, the content is very interesting and relevant to the genre and the images are all really eye catching’

‘I like the main picture because it shows that the magazine has attitude, I like the colour scheme but some of the red text needs to be brighter’

This suggests that I have created an atmospheric, eye-catching front cover that grabs the audience’s attention. The content is also mentioned as a good point, as here it is suggested that the coverlines are interesting. The colour scheme is also credited – this may be because I have used the two most popular colours of my target audience; however I have had some criticism that the colours should be brighter, and I would address this if re-making my front cover. 

‘The image is creative with a good mise en scene, I also like the layout of the text and the picture, it all looks really professional’

‘I like the colour scheme on this double page spread, I like that the picture covers all of the pages and blends with the text’

‘I really love the picture – its different, interesting, something you wouldn’t expect to see, it in itself makes me want to read the article!’ 

‘Looks really professional and attractive to the eye’

This suggests that the double page spread stands out and looks professional, therefore attracting the audience. The colour scheme also seems to be a hit, and that may be because I used the second most popular colour found in my questionnaire results as the main colour for the DPS.
It is also said that the picture is interesting, which may also attract the audience 


‘I like the fact you have both features and regulars to make it easier for the audience to find what they want to read, the images are also really good, I especially like the guitars as they seem relevant to the genre you have chosen’ 

‘I like the colour scheme on this contents page, the headline contents stands out a lot with the shadow behind it. I also like the choice of pictures on this page, and then only thing I would change is to have extra bits of information on their own line rather than with the bold headings’

‘I like how the pictures are relevant to the genre and colours on the page and I agree with the above comment with the extra bits being on their own line’

‘Looks like a professional contents page to me’ 

This suggests that my contents page does well at standing out to the audience, that it is easy for them to find the article they want and distinguish between regular and feature articles, that they find the pictures interesting and relevant.
I have had a bit of criticism about the coverlines and sublines being on separate lines, so if I were to produce my contents page again I may consider taking this advice.

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