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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Friday 11th February - Wednesday 17th February

I have firstly changed the background image to a new photo I have taken - I have edited this image on Photoshop, first inverting it, then lowering the brightness and heightening the contrast, I then edited the colors so that the brick wall is now a subtle navy blue and then added the effect solarize to it for impact. 

I have also added an extra page as my article was too large to fit onto one page, I used the same brick wall background as on the double page and then added another picture to this page from the photoshoot I did for the double page spread. 

Moreover, I have changed the title so that the word 'INSIDE' spreads across the whole three columns and the words 'THE ASYLUM' is below this in smaller font, with the effects 'drop shadow' and 'shadow' on them.

I have furthermore added a standfirst to my article, as this is a required convention of a magazine article. 
Also, I have added the page numbers to the bottom left and bottom right corners along with the magazine's 'website'. 

During this time I have also slightly edited my contents page. I have changed the background colour behind the word 'contents' to purple (in keeping with the magazine title on the front page), I have also changed the colours behind the titles 'features' and 'regulars' to red (in keeping with the coverlines on the front page). I have also moved the pictured into the centre column rather than the right hand column, to make the page look more interesting and also to further seperate the feature and regular content. Furthermore I have changed my issue date and number to white, and added subsription information and contact information in the top right corner of the page.

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