Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Conclusions from my Findings

After carrying out my research on members of my target audience, I have found that there are three bands which are most popular to them. These bands are Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed and Paramore. Therefore, these bands will feature on the front cover of my magazine. Guns N’ Roses also was a prominent band, therefore they may also feature on the front cover.  There were many other bands mentioned, which will most likely be featured on my contents page.

I also found out which words reminded my target audience of the music genre I have chosen to use. The most popular three words were black, loud and guitar. These words may help me decide on a suitable title for my magazine, and could possibly also help with the design of the magazine.

Moreover, I asked what my target audience’s favourite color was, which will help me decide on the colors I should use in my magazine. The most popular colour was purple, therefore I think it is wise to use this color as the main colour for my magazine (along with black and white), maybe with hints of blue and red, as these too were prominent colors.

I discovered that my target audience were more willing to buy a music magazine monthly rather than weekly, therefore this will be the frequency of publication for my magazine.

Furthermore I found that interviews were the features that most attracted my target audience to rock/metal music magazines, therefore I will include quite a few interviews the contents of my magazine. I also found that posters and information on new bands were important to my audience, therefore these will defiantly be featured in my magazine.

I found that the thing people liked least about music magazines were the adverts, however this can not be helped as the adverts are the part of the magazine which pays for a lot of the costs of the magazine, therefore if these adverts were taken away, the magazine would receive less money. 

Additionally I found that audience feedback was neither particularly important, nor particularly unimportant, therefore I must use my own judgement to decide whether to add this feature to my magazine. 

I also found that the majority of people were more interested in the magazine if there was a special offer inside it, therefore I think it is relevant to advertise something such as a free CD etc in a puff on the front cover of my magazine. 

Moreover the majority of people found it interesting to read about new bands or singers, therefore it is important that I include this information in my magazine, most likely via interview.

In addition, all the people questioned found reviews of new albums important and therefore it is essential that include this information in my magazine.

Again, I found that all people questioned found it important to have varied and interesting pictures in music magazines, therefore I should make sure that all photographs used on my magazine front cover, contents page and double page spread fit the requirements of the target audience.

Finally I found that the majority of those questioned would find it useful to have reviews of other media products, such as films, in their music magazines, therefore I should have some reviews of films, TV programmes featured in my music magazine. 

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