Monday, 8 November 2010

Publication Plan

Positioning Statement: Music is life  

Frequency of Publication: Monthly
Price: £3.20
Distribution: Newsagents, Supermarkets, Gigs, music stores such as HMV, maybe alternative clothing stores.
Rationale: the approach of this magazine is from a metal/rock fans perspective.The magazine will offer interviews with bands when events that the audience and fans of the band may be interested in (such as tours) are taking place, and also when events have happened to the band which effect their music career, such as the release of a new album. Moreover, the magazine will offer reviews on things such as new albums and tours, in order to help the audience decide whether they want to buy these albums or attend these gigs, and also to advertise the music genre and the bands in question.  Furthermore the magazine will offer the audience posters and special offers sometimes such as free CDs or clothing items.

Style: Informal language, humorous and upbeat, slightly conversational, easy to read. May use slang relevant to music genre and general community life. This will appeal to a wide range of audience, as my target audience is not age specific and based on the music taste of an individual. Moreover, stereotypically, people who are fans of the type of music my magazine features find the traits I have mentioned above appealing.
Regular Content :
  • Top 10 New Songs
  • Bloody Brilliant – Our best band this month
  • Gigs Monthly – Reviews of this month’s gigs
  • Place to be – our list of the best gigs to be at (for gigs whose ticket sales open this month)
  • Fantastic Finds – 5 new bands you need to listen to
  • Rockin’ or Shockin’? – New albums  review
  • Tour Dates
  • Your Scream - Letters from our readers
  • Merch - List of the best places to buy band merchandise
  • Classic - 5 legendary songs you need to listen to
Feature Content:
 ‘Successful Failure – Gothic metals new gods’
 ‘Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare 2010 Tour’
 ‘Arcaye – Metal’s hottest new band’
 ‘Disturbed – Inside the Asylum’
 ‘Rockstar Taste of Chaos – what to expect from this year’s tour’
‘21 bands to see before you die’
 ‘Bullet for my Valentine – Fever 2010 Tour’
‘Papa Roach – “Music is our lives”’
‘Linkin’ Park – “We’re still having the time of our lives”’
‘Sonata Arctica – Power metal’s best act’
‘Lacuna Coil – “We live for the party life”’
‘Strum – The best guitars on the block’
‘Living the Nightlife: Manchester – the best rock/metal clubs in Manchester’
‘Metallica – What we do nowadays’

'Cradle of Filth - "We know we're a bit strange - and we love it!"'

House Style

Coverlines: Arial Black and Arial
Headlines:  Franklin Gothic Demi
Standfirst: Franklin Gothic Medium 14pt. Byline to be included in the standfirst.
Captions: Franklin Gothic Medium 8pt.
Features first paragraph: drop capital (at the beggining of the double page spread article) Franklin Gothic Medium, 5 lines deep, first word in capitals.
Body text (for the double page spread article): Calibri 11pt
Colour Scheme: black, white, deep purple. Maybe a very  small amount of blue.

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