Thursday, 11 November 2010

Planning Production

Front cover image:

IDEA 1 = ‘band’ Successful Failure (actually a made up band, I will be using a model for my front cover image, pretending to be a guitarist) idea 1 is very music based, set in a studio-looking environment, the girl will be dressed Gothic but with a twist of classic ‘rocker look’, she will be posing with her electric guitar and amp looking into the camera theatrically.

IDEA 2 = more’ image’ based.  This time the girl will be in a forest-like setting, posing in a clearing surrounded by trees. She will be dressed the same as in idea 1, however this time she will be pretending to be the lead singer and not the guitarist, so no guitar props will be used.  I thought it may be interesting to use a skull prop that she can hold, to make her look theatrical and Gothic, and add more interest to the photograph.

IDEA 3 = The girl will be in the church yard of St. Giles church in Wrexham, which is a Gothic church, therefore conforming with the Gothic theme, or St. Hilary's church, Wallasey - she will be standing in the church yard which is surrounded in trees and scattered with graves, holding the skull prop by her chest. However, I will be trying various other poses, such as holding the skull in one hand next to her head, and also various other locations in the church yard such as by the church. She will be dressed in the same way as in idea 1 and 2. Again the picture will be theatrical and more 'image' based.

IDEA 4= The girl will be in a room, sitting on the floor on aged looking floorboards, with candles all around her looking into the camera theatrically, I will also create a background behind her such as drawings and draped material. I will try various other poses however to see if they work better. She will be dressed in the same way as in idea 1, 2 & 3. Again the picture will be theatrical and more 'image' based.

I have decided I will try out idea 2 and 3.
Cover lines for the front cover:

(Main cover line) – ‘Successful Failure – Trouble, parties and success', ‘Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare 2010 Tour’, ‘Disturbed - Inside the Asylum', ‘Bullet for my Valentine – On tour and all in a Fever', 'Metallica - what we do nowadays', 'Sonata Arctica - power metal's best act'.
Text for contents page:


18 SUCCESSFUL FAILURE Trouble, parties and success
24 CRADLE OF FILTH "We know we're a bit strange - and we love it!"
28 AVENGED SEVENFOLD on the Nightmare 2010 Tour
30 ARCAYE Metal's hottest new band?
34 DISTURBED Inside the Asylum
38 ROCKSTAR TASTE OF CHAOS What to expect from this year's tour
42 21 BANDS to see before you die
46 BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE on the Fever 2010 Tour
48 THERION "Music is the most important thing in our lives"
52 ANTHRAX "We're having the time of our lives!"
56 SONATA ARCTICA Power metal's best act
60 WITHIN TEMPTATION The exclusive interview
64 STRUM the best guitars on the block
66 METALLICA what we do nowadays


4 YOUR SCREAM  Letters from you to us
7 THE TOP 10 the best songs this month
10 BLOODY BRILLIANT Our top band this month
14 FANTASTIC FINDS  5 new bands you need to listen to
20 GIGS MONTHLY Reviews of this months top gigs
72 THE GUIDELINES a full guide of next years UK metal fests
74 PLACE TO BE The best gig tickets to buy this month
78 ROCKIN' OR SHOCKING? A review of this months new album releases
82 CLASSIC 5 legendary songs you have to listen to
84 ON TOUR Top tour dates
88 MERCH Best places to buy
90 LIVING THE NIGHTLIFE a guide to metal clubs, this month in Manchester
92 MY STORY stories from our readers of meeting bands and much more
96 DOWNLOADING 76% 10 songs we think are worth the download

Images needed for contents page:

Picture of guitars to go with the 'STRUM' coverline, picture of a Metallica song playing on my iPhone, another picture of Successful Failure.
Article I am going to write:

Biographical article on Disturbed - Inside the Asylum
Pictures needed: Picture from their concert and/or a picture conveying one of their albums (The Sickness, Believe, Ten Thousand Fists, Indestructible & Asylum). Maybe a person in a Disturbed t-shirt and Halloween mask (suggesting craziness, but in a fun way).


 Front cover

 Contents page

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