Thursday, 10 February 2011

Friday 4th Febuary - Thursday 10th Febuary

During this time I have been making amendments to all my production work:

In my contents page I have made a number of changes, such as adding more coverlines, making the word 'contents' bigger, making the page numbers purple, making the issue date and number purple and changing the top right image so that it relates to the front cover.

In my double page spread article I have added the title of the article.

I have decided when it comes to my front cover that I will use purple for my title (so that it stands out more) and the strip and red for my coverlines, I have also changed the coverline about the band 'Disturbed' so that it is the same as the title of my DPS. I have also made it so that my main images umbrella covers part of the title, and made her red lipstick stand out a bit more so that it ties in with the coverlines. I have also made sure that all the writing and shapes in the strip are aligned correctly.

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