Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Photos for DP 2

This is the final image for my DPS. I have edited this in many ways, such as inverting the background (when it was black and white) adding a navy blue tint to it and then addinf the effect solarize to it. I like this image as it conveys much attitude, and also relates to the band, not only because of the tshirt, but also because of  a mask, it may suggest that the band is kind of 'insane' but in a fun way, and also the mask is similar to the face of Disturbeds animated 'mascot' or 'logo' the guy, who appears on most of their album covers and in their video for the song 'Land of Confusion'.

This is the final image for the third page of my DPS. It is a part of the brick wall seen in the first image, it has also been inverted (from when it was black and white below), tinted and solarized.

This is my experiment of the wall for the DPS third page in black and white. This would have worked, however it was impossible for the writing to stand out on it, therefore it could not be used. I also think this is not as effective at creating an impact as the much edited wall above.

This was my experiment for the main image with a black and white wall. It cannot be used for the same reasons as above.

This is the original photo which I am going to use for my DPS.

These pictures below are the other pictures I took during my second photoshoot for the DPS. I am not using these for various reasons, mainly because on them either the backgroud isn't right, the models attitude isn't right or their pose isn't right.

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