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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Monday 31st January - Thursday 3rd Febuary

In this time I have edited the picture for the DPS article, I made it slightly bigger using Photoshop so that it goes over onto the first page a little, therefore making the pages link, I also added the filter Fresco to the picture on Photoshop to make the picture look darker and more interesting. 

I have also been editing my front cover image, editing small typos etc. I also changed the main color to red to see its effect. I do think the red is effective, and maybe makes the magazine look less 'girly' to appeal more to the male audience. However, in my questionnaire results, purple was the favorite color of my target audience, although red was second. Therefore, maybe I will experiment with using both red and purple. 

Here is my experimentation of using both purple and red on my front cover, the title is purple and the strip at the bottom also has purple accents. I feel that this does make the title stand out more, however I don't know if the two colors coordinate well enough. 

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