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Monday, 18 October 2010

Analysis of Double Page Spread Articles

* There is a simple colour scheme of black, white and red. There is also a little yellow although not a lot.
* There is one picture which takes up the whole double page (with all the text on the picture) and bleeds between pages, which is used to link the two pages together.
* A quote is used just before the article continues on the second page, this helps to break up the text.
* There is a standfirst which introduces the article and is positioned under the start of the headline.
* A drop capital is used at the start of the article, in order to show the reader where to start reading. Techniques which are used in other magazines include bold text for the first word of the article, slightly bigger typeface or capitals for the first few letters.
* The headline uses a stylized font, and is used to draw the reader in, however, not telling them what the article is about, which is actually the job of the standfirst.
* There is no by-line on this article, however there usually is one on double page spread articles, stating who wrote the article and photographer's credit.
* There is a strapline in the top left corner telling the reader the subject matter of the article. In this case the strapline suggests that this article is news about an up-and-coming band.
* The article is written informally, and the personality of the journalist shows through.

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