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Wednesday, 20 October 2010


I created this questionnaire on Microsoft Word, in order to conduct research into my target audience, helping me to gain insight into what they really want out of a rock/metal music magazine. On my questionnaire, I asked 12 questions, which will all help me decide what content, name & price to have for my music magazine.
The questions featured are as follows: 1) Who is your favourite band? 2) What are three words you associate with rock/metal music? 3) What is your favourite colour? 4)How often are you willing to buy a music magazine? 5) What do you like about magazines of the rock/metal genre that you have read? 6) What do you dislike about magazines of the rock/metal genre? 7) How important, on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being very and 1 being useless, is audience feedback (i.e. letters) in a magazine? 8) Would you be more interested in the magazine if there are special offers inside it? 9) Are you interested in reading about new bands/singers?10) Would it be useful for you to have reviews of new albums in the magazine? 11) Are interesting and varied pictures important to you in a magazine? 12) Would it be useful for you to have reviews of other media in the magazine? (Film, TV)           

Audio answers - these are two of my audio recorded answers to the questionnaire

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