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Monday, 11 October 2010

Rough Layouts

Front Cover Original Design

Title - Centred conveying school life (achieve- you achieve qualifications, awards etc in school).

Main image - medium close-up, connects to main coverline (main coverline anchors image). School in background, again points out the type of magazine this is.

Coverlines & Sublines - 1-3 words long, catchy, make the reader want to find out more e.g. 'Back to School - Evening classes proposed for parents'. Also contains a buzzword in the coverline 'EXCLUSIVE- life in the sixth form'. Makes out that this magazine has articles that no other magazine has. (For full list of all coverlines and sublines, see the planned coverline list above).

Puff - there's a competition to win a memory stick, advertised on the bottom left of the page - is a selling point.

Colour Ideas - I did not colour my plan, however I think I will use the colour purple for the title and coverlines, as it connects to the colour of the sixth form ID badge in the school. The sublines will be in black. 

Contents Page Original Design

Two columns, one containing feature articles and the other regular articles & images relating to feature articles.

Images :
* School theatre with stage lighting on, which connects to the coverline 'HIT THE LIGHTS - professional lighting installed in the theatre'.
* Three sixth form students in their common room square, connects to coverline 'EXCLUSIVE - the real story of life in the sixth form'.
*GCSE exam paper, marked as an A*, connects to coverline 'AIM HIGH - student gets straight A*'s in GCSE's'.

There is also a small subscribe section on the bottom left of the page with information on how the reader can subscribe to the magazine.

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