Monday, 11 October 2010



Title: Achieve

Details of  mise-en-scene of main image: a medium close up of a sixth form student, relating to the main coverline ('High Flyer - year 13 student is accepted into Cambridge University'), background = outside main entrance or in school grounds.

Coverlines: 'AIM HIGH - student gets straight A*'s in GCSE's', 'HIGH FLYER - year 13 student accepted into Cambridge University', 'HIT THE LIGHTS - professional lighting is installed in the theatre', 'AMAZING!- year 10 student qualifies for the London 2012 Olympics', 'LONGER LUNCHTIME - plans to add an extra half hour', 'BACK TO SCHOOL - evening classes proposed for parents', 'AND THE WINNER IS... Teacher wins national award', 'EXCLUSIVE - the real story of life in the sixth form'.


- Letters - from students, teachers etc to the magazine making suggestions/ giving their views on a previous article/ giving views of the school etc.
- Holiday Update - News on inset days planned, half term etc.
- Special Events This Month.
- Rewards Update - What new things the students can buy from the IRIS rewards system.
- Exciting Opportunities - Whats on offer to students within and outside the school to earn extra  credit/voluntary hours etc.
- Funny Times - funny stories of happenings in school by students and teachers.
- Helping Hand - an anonymous help page for students, provides counselling and advice from learning mentors/ school nurse / peer counselling.

FEATURES - see coverlines above.

- picture of the theatre - showing off its new lighting.
- picture of the common room and happy looking group of sixth form students.
- picture of an A* graded GCSE paper.

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