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Monday, 11 October 2010

Manipulated Images

Links to the main coverline ('HIGH FLYER - Year 13 student accepted into Cambridge).  It is taken by one of the walls of the school, and the subject is wearing a sixth form ID badge - this is to represent the school, so that it is apparent which school the magazine belongs to.

Manipulation - I edited the contrast and brightness of this image to give it a clearer, more radiant look. I also edited the colours, so that the picture looks warmer, and in a way 'happier' - relates to coverline, as student is happy she has been accepted into Cambridge.
Moreover I added text to the folder she is holding, saying 'Accepted!' in prestigious looking font, this also related to the coverline, and suggests that the folder she is holding contains her acceptance letter.
I also cropped the image, so it would fit to an A4 paper size without any distortion.

Links to coverline 'ECLUSIVE - the real story of life in the sixth form'

It is taken in the common room, of three sixth for students in their square which connotes sixth form life.
Moreover, one of the students is reading a school newsletter, which again represents the school, so the reader knows which school 'Acheive' belongs to.

Manipulation - Again, I edited the contrast and brightness, to give a cleaner, brighter look.
I also edited the colours so that the image has a more 'vintage' look, which in turn makes the photograph look less formal, warmer and more inviting - which suggests that the sixth form has a welcoming environment. I also cropped the image, to focus more onto the three sixth formers, rather than the square.

Links to coverline 'AIM HIGH - student gets straight A*'s in GCSE's'

Ideally, I would have taken a picture of an exam paper marked as A* level, however, none were available. I drew an A* sign on blank paper to connote the grades of this GCSE student, and just added it to a pile of things to connote working.

Manipulation - I cropped this image to focus more into the A* symbol. I also adjusted the contrast to give a 'cleaner' look to this photograph.

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