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Friday, 28 January 2011

Wednesday 26th January - Friday 28th January

During this time I have been editing my front cover and DPS:

I have changed many things on my front cover, mainly the image, as there was a problem with it due to lack of direct adress.

I have also removed a few coverlines and changed some - Sucessful Failure's subline now reads 'Trouble, parties and success - lead singer Alexa tells all'.

Bullet for my Valentine's subline now reads 'All in a Fever' as before it was too similar to Avenged Sevenfold's subline.

I've also changed the bands in the bottom strip to Therion, Anthrax, Arcaye and Within Temptation.

I have also started editing my DPS. This is it in its first stages with the text added and the drop capital added.

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