Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Friday 10th December - Tuesday 11th January

In this time I have done many things, such as finished creating my magazine front cover, almost finished the contents page and half way through creating my double page spread article.

I have also taken the rest of the pictures for my contents page, and the picture for my double page spread article, to be added annotated to this blog at a later date.

The screen grabs below show the full extent of my work on Adobe Photoshop and Quark Xpress

This picture shows my finished front cover image - I have changed the colour of the sublines to white, so that the coverlines and sublines go with the colour scheme of the magazine title perfectly.

This screen grab shows the contents page with just its articles added to it.

This shot show that I have added the word contents to my contents page,with the effect 'drop shadow' on it.
This shot shows that I have added my first picture onto the contents page, with the number f its corresponding article on the bottom right corner of it.

 This shows that I have added the title of the magazine in its distinct font to the page.
This shows that I have added a small image of the front cover of the magazine to the page in between columns 2 and 3

 This shows my double page spread article at its first stage. At this point I had imported the text of the article I'd written in Microsoft Word into Quark, and organized it so that the text split into three columns and fitted onto 1 and a quarter pages on Quark.

Here I have added the title of the article to my double page 'Inside the Asylum ... The Story of Disturbed'.
The below shows how I have changed the background colour of my contents page to black, and have changed the writing all to white. I have also added purple to the drop shadow of the word contents and have added a 'features' and 'regulars' heading to the contents in purple.

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