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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Monday 18th January - Tuesday 19th January

During this time I have edited my contents page, double page spread article and front cover a lot:

First I changes the background color of the second page to black, I then changed the color of all the text to white. I have also, as you can see, changed the title to 'Inside the Asylum... Disturbed' as apposed to 'Inside the Asylum The story of Disturbed'. Then I added the name 'Disturbed' in creative text to add a more artistic feel to the presentation.

Next, I added the picture I took for this article to the first page. I may edit this picture at a later date in Photoshop.

I have drastically changed my contents page, I have changed the background color back to white, I have also added the two other contents page pictures, made the numbers purple, added strips at the top in black, purple, then black again. I also added the issue date and number to the top strip also containing the title of the magazine.

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