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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Pictures Taken for Double Page Spread Article

build animated gif

I took the first picture (red mask, white background) to connote the name of the band and the title 'Inside the Asylum... Disturbed'. I thought the idea of having my model wear a Halloween mask with a Disturbed tour t-shirt as this would connote a certain 'fun kind of craziness' but also connoting that the article is about the band. 
I like this picture as the angle is very dramatic and effective, creating an imposing feeling for the audience. 

I took the second (skeleton mask) picture to experiment with a different Halloween mask to see the effects it would have. 
I like the angle of this photo, however, not as much as the previous one. I also don't think that the mask used here is as effective as the one used in the previous photo. 

I created the third picture using Photoshop, I edited the contrast of the original picture, cut out the background and created a new one using the paintbrush tool. I may use this as the background is interesting, however I may not use it as it may make my DPS look too 'cluttered'.

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