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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Photos for front cover image (re-done)

I had to change my front cover image photos as the last ones that I took were inadequate for reasons such as no direct adress and a lack of 'headroom' at the top of the photograph for the magazine title, therefore over the weekend I have taken the photos show in the video below, on eof which will replace my current front cover image:

I like the angle of picture 2 and the attitude my model is conveying, I think that it represents the magazine genre very well, therefore I may use this photo.

I like the camera angle of picture 8, however I don't think it is suitabe for a front cover image, therefore I may use it as a replacement for my current contents page image relating to the main coverline as it no longer connects with the new front cover image pictures.

I like the attitude of picture 10, and it also has very good direct adress, therefore I may use this as my front covr image.

I also like the angle and the attitude of picture 11, I may use this as my front cover image.

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